Heat Treatment

●  Chongqing Egen Technology Co., Ltd. invested to established Chongqing Gaosong Machinery Industry Co., LTD.,The mainly business is heat treatment industry.

Company Profile :                      

Company Name :  Chongqing Gaosong machinery industry Co., Ltd.                                                                                                            Established: 2020.04

Factory area: 5000 square meters

Location : Chongqing Jiangjin Shuangfu Industrial Park

Employees: 50

Production equipment: 2 protective atmosphere isothermal normalizing production lines, 3 general isothermal normalizing production lines, 2 sets of shot blasting equipment;

Production capacity: protective atmosphere isothermal normalizing: 20000 tons/year; Ordinary isothermal normalizing: 20000 tons/year;

Quality assurance: IATE16949 certificate, Certificate of environmental protection, etc.